"Feed the Future Forward"

All for Lunch! Lunch for All!

Who We Are

Feed the Future Forward, Inc. is a new non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring that every child is fed well, while at school.
Mission Statement
Feed the Future Forward, Inc. wants to ensure that every student enrolled in school is provided a healthy nutritious lunch regardless of his or her economic status.  Feed the Future Forward, Inc. also wants to educate and inform all parents/guardians of available lunch programs, qualification requirements for each, and financial obligations throughout the school year.  Finally, Feed the Future Forward, Inc. wants to supplement funds where student accounts are delinquent so hot meals are provided to all students without discrimination.  No child should be humiliated in the lunch line.  No child should be subjected to discussions about delinquent balances.  No child left behind in the lunch line.  All for lunch, lunch for all!
We need volunteers, fundraising ideas, people experienced at writing grant requests, accounting help and many other things in order to accomplish this simple, yet incredibly needed goal.
If you’d like to get involved and make a difference in children’s lives feel free to contact us!  If you can donate to help us reach out and change the lives of children missing meals or being underfed at school, you can donate via Paypal!



Non-Profit 501c3 Update
We would like to thank our attorney and CPAs for all of their hard work and efforts in helping us negotiate the paperwork to obtain our status. As of today, all paperwork has been filed. We are in a status pending mode. In their 30 years of practicing, neither the attorney nor CPAs has ever had a non-profit organization rejected. We are extremely excited and grateful for them and the others who are helping us carry out our mission.

We’re currently accepting donations via Paypal, and are working hard to help identify schools with students lunch accounts that are unfunded or underfunded. Your donations go to pay these balances off so kids can have a healthy lunch that helps them think and succeed in school.

Donate by Mail at:
Feed the Future Forward, Inc.
P.O. Box 79722
Houston, TX 77279-9722

Success Stories!


Feed the Future Forward would like to thank the cast and crew of the national tour of the “Wizard of Oz.” From March 4th-16th, the magnificent cast and crew of the show entertained the City of Houston and found it in their hearts to help support our cause. They raised $576 to help feed hot lunches to the needy students in our area. You guys rock! And, we thank you!

Love y’all,

Happy Anniversary! A milestone has been reached!

It’s been exactly 4 weeks since our founder, Kenny Thompson, took care of the 1st school which started this great movement. With the generous gifts from the community and our nation, we have reached a milestone. As of March 3rd, Feed the Future Forward has taken care of more than 1,000 kids’ negative lunch accounts. We have been to 11 different schools in 5 different districts around the greater Houston area. We have spent nearly $7,200. We want to sincerely thank those angels who have made this possible! Our promise is to keep helping the children. Lunch Angel funds are being set up at schools to help eliminate the alternative lunches altogether. Districts are looking at their own policies and procedures to better feed their students. We are extremely proud of the changes since our story broke. We get the feeling that a new lunch program is in the works. We pray that some day all schools will have eliminated the alternative lunch programs. All for lunch, lunch for All!

Donations made on the Feed the Future Forward website have allowed Thompson to piggyback off his initial donation of $465 to Spring Branch ISD’s Valley Oaks Elementary School on Feb. 3. He has since paid off negative lunch balances at:
five schools in Spring Branch ISD on Feb. 10 ($3,338);
Aldine ISD’s Aldine Middle School on Feb. 14 ($954.02);
Houston ISD’s Sinclair Elementary School on Feb. 17 ($147.10); and
Katy ISD’s Sundown Elementary School on Feb. 17 ($627.91).
When combined with the donation to Horne on Monday, the combined effort from Feed the Future is $6,497.70 benefiting approximately 900 students in greater Houston in less than a month.

On February 17th, Kenny and FTFF visited a Houston ISD school, Sinclair Elementary. Lunch balances were paid off 41 children for a total of $147.10. The principal, teachers, and its lunch staff we very welcoming and happy to have FTFF there to help their kids!

On the same day we also visited a Katy ISD school, Sundown Elementary. The negative lunch balances were paid for a total of $627.91!
Mr. Thompson Feed The Future  Forward and Sundown AdministrationFeed The Future Forward Mr.  Thompson Presents Check To Sundown Elementary
Sundown Elementary and the Katy ISD Food Service Department welcomed Mr. Kenny Thompson, Feed The Future Forward, to our school this Monday morning. Mr. Thompson presented a check to the Katy ISD Food Service Department which will be used to pay all of Sundown Elementary students’ outstanding lunch balances.
Steven B Pustejovsky
Principal – Sundown Elementary

Happy Valentines Day!

On February 14th Kenny Thompson and Feed the Future Forward went to Aldine ISD and took care of Aldine Middle School, one of the most needy schools in the district. $954.02 was paid in negative lunch balances and took care of over 100 kids. Kenny was welcomed by the principal and the lunch staff. Fox 26 News showed up at the school and the story aired on the 5 o’clock news.