FTFF visits Walnut Bend Elem. HISD

On December 15th, 2014, our Founder, Kenny Thompson, made a visit to Walnut Bend Elementary in HISD. FTFF was excited to make a donation to Principal Dahlquist to help keep her Eagles soaring! Thank you Principal Dahlquist for having FTFF and giving us this opportunity. Merry Christmas Eagles!
Walnut Bend

No more alternative lunches at Travis Elem!

Founder/President Kenny Thompson met with Principal Day at Travis Elementary School in HISD on December 10, 2014. A donation was made to the school to help with lunch balances. No alternative lunches will ever be served at his school! Roar…Tigers…Roar!

Travis Elem

FTFF addresses HISD School Board

Speaking to HISD Board of Education.
On November 14th, FTFF Founder Kenny Thompson addressed the HISD Board of Education on the serving of alternative lunches in the remaining 114 schools in the district that did not qualify this year under the new CEP Program. We will continue to help work towards a speedy solution. Education, Nutrition, Performance!

FTFF Visits Condit Elementary in HISD

On November 13th the Lunch Angel–Kenny Thompson–on behalf of FTFF, made a visit to Condit Elementary in HISD. It was truly an amazing visit with Principal Dan Greenberg and his staff. FTFF made a donation to the school to help with hot, healthy lunches for its students. The Cats are in good hands at Condit! Principal Greenberg and his staff will only serve full, hot, healthy nutritious lunches to their students! You guys rock! Go Cats!
Condit Elem

Here’s what FTFF has been up to!

Oates Elementary Eagles (HISD)
On October 23rd, FTFF made a visit to Oates Elementary in HISD and met with Principal Isabel Palacios. She truly understands what it means to do the best for her students. We made a donation to the school to help feed her students for the entire school year with no mention of an alternative lunch! We salute the principal and staff at Oates Elementary for caring for our kids. It is truly a school where Eagles can soar to great heights! Go Eagles!

Visit to Garfield Gators
On October 24th the Lunch Angel made his way to Pasadena ISD to meet with Principal Courtney Merilatt at the home of the Garfield Elementary Gators. FTFF made a donation to the school with the agreement that her students would be eating nutritious, well-balanced lunches the remainder of the school year. No more alternative lunches to be served! The Gators are in good care with this awesome principal and her amazing staff. Eat ‘em up Gators!

Garfield 1

Garfield 2

Spring Branch makes donating easy.
On October 21st, FTFF made donations to 2 SBISD schools–Frostwood and Valley Oaks Elementary Schools–through the Lunch Buddies program on the Education Foundation’s website. It was easy and fast. Thanks SBISD for making this possible!

FTFF visits Harby Jr. High in Alvin, TX

FTFF makes a visit to Harby Junior High School in Alvin ISD, Texas. After hearing that the Principal pays off the outstanding lunch account balances for her students at the end of the school year, we had to get involved. We made contact with the school and support its efforts for doing the best for its students. A donation was made to help get the students through the end of the year without lunch worries. What an amazing principal and staff! Just as amazing was the appreciation exhibited by the students. Go hawks! It was a pleasure spending time with all of you at Harby. Thanks for taking a stand for our future. . . our kids!

Harby Jr. High, Alvin, TX
Harby Jr. High, Alvin, TX

A busy month for FTFF! Here’s what we have been up to:

Brookdale Plaza Galleria
FTFF would like to thank all of the residents and staff at Brookdale Plaza Galleria for their generous donation to help feed the students in our area. We had a great time visiting with the residents and staff of this amazing community. We at FTFF are continually humbled by the generosity and caring from our community. We continue our mission with a deep passion in hopes of a permanent solution for all our students, everywhere! These students are our future. We can do better…No child left behind in the lunch line!
Brookdale Plaza Galleria

Way to go Dylan!
An elementary student in Spring Branch raises over $300 to help take care of his classmates’ negative lunch accounts. FTFF will donate the monies he raised to Spring Branch Education Foundation–Lunch Buddies. This was a little something he wanted to do as part of his Birthday! What an amazing young man! We applaud you Dylan (as well as your incredible parents)! Thanks Lunch Angels!

A Busy Month for FTFF!
We continue to be in talks with districts and schools in our area. Our founder, Kenny Thompson, was a panelist of the School Nutrition Association’s national Webinar on October 1st, 2014. All around the country this is still a hot topic! Finding a solution on how to take care of feeding our students is critical. We look forward to a permanent solution. No child should be left behind in the lunch line!

Wow! Look what HISD has done!

What a way to kick off the new school year. HISD has taken a huge step in eliminating the alternative lunch option for the district! FTFF talked to our friends in the district to extend its Congratulations! HISD is excited, as it should be. FTFF shares that excitement and looks forward to the entire district becoming alternative lunch free! The district still has roughly 120 schools that may need assistance. FTFF will continue discussions with our friends at HISD to see how it may be of help. All for lunch. . ., lunch for all!

Summer Safety Celebration a Success!

We want to start off by saying thank you to Tiffany Thompson for putting together the event. What a great event! We want to give a huge shout out to the co-sponsors, The Emergency Room at Katy Main Street, Chick-fil-A, Alicia’s Mexican Grill, and HEB! Everyone enjoyed the event.

FTFF would also like to send a big thank you to all who attended the celebration. There were lots of things to do at the event—an afternoon of fun along with important child safety information was available. FTFF was proud to be a part of it all, and it looks forward to next year’s event. FTFF received $375 thanks to Chick-fil-A and The Emergency Room at Katy Main Street, all of which will go to Katy ISD schools! Congratulations to the drawing winners: Nancy Ferguson—TUTS tickets to Victor/Victoria; Angel Garcia—bicycle and helmet; Willie Ferguson—bicycle and helmet; and Oscar Gonzalez—Johnny Carino’s gift card. With school around the corner, FTFF is excited to continue our mission!

School is out for the summer. Fun(d)raising is in!

How can it not be fun raising money for our underprivileged students in our area?! We have our 1st fun(d)raiser this Saturday, June 28th in Katy. See the flyer for more information. If you are unable to attend, please be a lunch angel and donate via our website or by mail at P.O. Box 79722, Houston, TX 77279-9722. Please tell your all your family and friends and let’s make a splash when school starts in August!


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