BREAKING NEWS!!! We have reached the top of the food chain!

OMG! We did it! Never in our wildest dreams did we think we could impact so many kids in such a short amount of time. We have taken on this journey to help needy kids, and we stand committed to continuing our mission. Our kids are our future and our responsibility. We can and will do better with the nutritional program as it is a vital part of how successful our kids are in the classroom. We are truly blessed to have traveled this far and to have impacted so many kids. Thanks again to all of our angels!

Can you believe what we’ve accomplished? We have effectively impacted over 35,000 kids in Spring Branch ISD and over 110,000 kids in Cy-Fair ISD (the 3rd largest district in our state!). Do the math! That’s right, over 145,000 kids! Both of these districts have set up district wide programs to completely eliminate the alternative lunch option. Now we have the opportunity to make an impact in our state’s largest district, Houston ISD. Along with the help of our community and district officials, perhaps we can make a permanent change to end this madness. All of our children should be able to sit together, learn together, and EAT together.

It’s been just over 100 Days, and now we are reaching out and helping the kids in our state’s largest district! Amazing! Feed the Future Forward and the Houston Independent School District have been in discussions for several weeks on how to help the kids eat a healthy, hearty fare with no alternative lunch options. We are extremely excited and honored to be given the green light to go into the district to help our needy students eat healthy.

On May 12th, FTFF made a visit to Briarmeadow Charter School. We met with Principal Peter Heinze. FTFF made a donation to the school that cleared the negative lunch balances with money left over to feed all of the needy kids for the remainder of the school year with no alternative lunches served! A handshake sealed the deal with an agreement to carry on this program at the beginning of the next school year! Hurray! Thank you Mr. Heinze and Briarmeadow! Then on May 13th, FTFF visited another HISD school, Piney-Point Elementary and Principal, Bobbie Swaby. FTFF made a donation to the school clearing the negative lunch balances with money to feed the kids for the remainder of the year with no alternative lunches served. Awesome! Next, on May 15th, we visited Pilgrim Academy and Principal Diana Castillo. A donation was made to help those students with negative lunch balances. There are never any alternative lunches served at Pilgrim Academy. Way to go Diana! Finally, on Friday, May 16th, we met with Assistant Principal Mr. Hale and the wonderful staff at Paige Elementary. FTFF paid off all negative balances and made a donation to feed all students a hot lunch through the end of the school year. Again, no alternative lunches served. We paid out $1,750 to these 4 schools. We are grateful to have this opportunity to help these students. We had an amazing experience with these schools this week. HISD has some wonderful folks working in their schools as well as in their district offices.

This is just a small step in the right direction in our state’s largest school district, 8th largest in our country, to eliminate the alternative lunch program, and maybe, just maybe, we can stop this nonsense around our country. This can become a reality in the great state of Texas. Thank you HISD for this opportunity! We look forward to working with your district very soon.

A great BIG thank you to all of our angels for your continued support. All for lunch. . . Lunch for all!

Ms. Ana Lobos, Cafeteria Manager at Pilgrim Academy, HISD & Kenny Thompson

Ms. Ana Lobos, Cafeteria Manager at Pilgrim Academy, HISD & Kenny Thompson

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