FTFF is Back to School

It’s that time! Summer is over and school is in! We hope you had a wonderful summer break.

FTFF is ready to get back to work. With a game plan to end hunger in our schools, FTFF along with Lunch Angel Kenny wastes no time in feeding Houston area students! Kenny stopped by Mueller Elementary School (home of the “Stars”) in Klein ISD to make his first donation of the year. With many districts developing programs to end the serving of the alternative or courtesy lunch (cold cheese sandwich or crackers), FTFF is extremely encouraged with the upcoming school year. It’s time we stop the nonsense of serving an alternative lunch and find solutions to keep our students fed hot nutritious meals while at school! Spring Branch and Cy-Fair ISDs continue their programs with the help of FTFF and our communities. . .. FTFF is extremely proud and grateful to be a part of these programs. FTFF looks forward to another amazing year! Thank you all for your continued support of FTFF’s mission to end hunger in our schools. No child left behind in the lunch line. Lunch for All!


Mueller ES - Klein 8-31-16

2 thoughts on “FTFF is Back to School

  • Amanda Mason

    This “lunch-shaming” was just done to my daughter and I can’t even explain how disgusted and furious I am about it. We are not on free or reduced lunch, I just didn’t calculate the right amount to put into her lunch account and she was short $.50 of a $1.50 lunch…$.50 short and they threw her lunch in the trash and gave her a PB&J sandwich!! How do adults feel good about themselves doing this to children!!!! I want to organize a fundraiser for my child’s school so that this NEVER happens to another student EVER again!


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