FTFF Celebrates 1 year Anniversary! Feb 4, 2015

FTFF is overjoyed to celebrate a year of helping to feed our students in the Houston area.  We would like to thank all of our supporters (truly angels), family, and friends who have made all of this possible.  Together we have definitely made a difference.  We have been in 7 area districts.  We have impacted well over 150,000 students in 141 schools.  We look forward to the next year and greater success or, better yet, a permanent solution to feeding our students. . . our future!  No child should be left behind in the school lunch line. . ..  ALL for lunch, lunch for ALL!

2 thoughts on “FTFF Celebrates 1 year Anniversary! Feb 4, 2015

  • Arthur and Brenda Fant

    Congratulations on great work, we are big believers in physical and mental health initiatives in our schools and would like to contribute to your cause but do not have a pay pal account. If you will give us your address to mail a check we will be pleased to do so. Thanks and good luck.

    Arthur and Brenda Fant

    • Lanise Bailey Post author

      Mr & Mrs Fant,

      Thank you for your interest in helping the children through Feed the Future Forward. We have helped so many kids from the generous donations of folks just like you, and we can’t thank you enough! Our mailing address is Feed the Future Forward P.O. Box 79722 Houston, TX 77279-9722.

      If you need anything else or have further questions you can reach us at feedthefuture@sbcglobal.net

      All our best,
      The FTFF Team


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