FTFF End-of-Year Report

Cy-Fair Nutrition Dept 6-23-16

FTFF celebrates another fantastic year helping feed our students in the Houston area. FTFF ended the year by visiting 2 more schools. . . Klein’s Mueller and HISD’s Whittier Elementary Schools.  Thank you Principals Holecek and Lueptow for all you do for your students!  FTFF then made $2,000 in donations to Spring Branch’s and Cy-Fair’s lunch programs, the Lunch Buddies in SBISD and the Lunch Superhero Program in Cy-Fair ISD. We love these programs; they are both very dear to our hearts!  A big thank you to Darin Crawford for the tour of Cy-Fair’s Food Distribution Center.  The Lunch Angel also made a visit to the Spring ISD Nutrition Dept., met with friend, Shelly Copeland, and made a $1,000 donation to the district to help students with their lunches.  Thanks Shelly!

FTFF would like to also thank Jocelyn, who set up a GoFundMe page and raised $500 to help feed the kids hot lunches.  Additionally, a shout out to Creole Gold Seafood Co. and owner, April, for raising nearly $500 for student lunches at her Grand Opening Crawfish Boil.

Finally, FTFF would like to sincerely thank all who continue to support our little mission in Houston to end hunger in our schools.  We’ve come a long way!  We definitely could not have done this without the continued support of all our Angels! We look forward to a much larger impact next year!  All for lunch!

 Spring ISD--Shelly Copeland2 5-17-16 SBISD CeCe 5-23-16 Mueller ES - Klein ISD Cy-Hope 5-23-16

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