Here’s what FTFF has been up to!

Oates Elementary Eagles (HISD)
On October 23rd, FTFF made a visit to Oates Elementary in HISD and met with Principal Isabel Palacios. She truly understands what it means to do the best for her students. We made a donation to the school to help feed her students for the entire school year with no mention of an alternative lunch! We salute the principal and staff at Oates Elementary for caring for our kids. It is truly a school where Eagles can soar to great heights! Go Eagles!

Visit to Garfield Gators
On October 24th the Lunch Angel made his way to Pasadena ISD to meet with Principal Courtney Merilatt at the home of the Garfield Elementary Gators. FTFF made a donation to the school with the agreement that her students would be eating nutritious, well-balanced lunches the remainder of the school year. No more alternative lunches to be served! The Gators are in good care with this awesome principal and her amazing staff. Eat ’em up Gators!

Garfield 1

Garfield 2

Spring Branch makes donating easy.
On October 21st, FTFF made donations to 2 SBISD schools–Frostwood and Valley Oaks Elementary Schools–through the Lunch Buddies program on the Education Foundation’s website. It was easy and fast. Thanks SBISD for making this possible!

One thought on “Here’s what FTFF has been up to!

  • caroline keel

    I am not sure how this program works. So you pay off the negative balance, but then the next day the student starts charging again. Do you keep paying off the balance until the parent decides to pay lunch money again?
    I really don’t understand how this works.


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