Happy Anniversary! FTFF celebrates 1st month and over 1000 students lunch balances paid.

‘Lunch angel’ strikes again at Matzke Elementary

March 3, 2014—“Lunch angel” Kenny Thompson of Feed the Future Forward made his second donation in a week to a CFISD school when he contributed $673.94 to pay off all 128 past-due lunch balances at Matzke Elementary School.
While at Matzke, Thompson also contributed an additional $50 to Matzke’s “Angel Account,” which exists to alleviate past-due balances at the school once they have reached their limit.
Thompson said that when he heard about the “Angel Account”—which began with a generous donation from Matzke parents Mark and Rebecca Hudson, owners of Pet Check Up—he felt compelled to promote Matzke’s cause.
“This was the first I had heard of that—someone in the community starting an account and the principal and other staff donating to it. I thought it was wonderful,” Thompson said. “We decided to give them a head start, and to help that account go further we zeroed that balance out. This is how it starts, with the community getting involved in our schools. That’s how we got started.”
Thompson’s first donation occurred on Feb. 3 in Spring Branch ISD. Now one month into Feed the Future Forward’s efforts, the nonprofit has cleared out past-due lunch balances for 1,027 students totaling more than $7,300.
“It’s amazing,” he said. “We pinch ourselves. It started only four weeks ago with 66 kids. To know that we’ve helped over 1,000 is great. It’s a milestone for us.”
Matzke principal Cathy Jacobs thanked Thompson for making her campus part of that milestone.
“It is refreshing to know that someone is so generous and willing to help kids they don’t even know,” Jacobs said. “To have Kenny come in and zero out our account so our students can start fresh is wonderful.”

0303 Matzke Lunch 2
Matzke Lunch 2: Matzke students, as well as principal Cathy Jacobs and assistant principal Sarah Parker, welcomed Kenny Thompson and Oscar Gonzalez of Feed the Future Forward with a giant “thank you” sign on Monday.

0303 Matzke Lunch 4Matzke Lunch 4: From left, Matzke assistant principal Sarah Parker, Feed the Future Forward team member Oscar Gonzalez, Matzke cafeteria manager Ivonne Reyes-Ibanez, Matzke principal Cathy Jacobs and “lunch angel” Kenny Thompson celebrate a $673.94 donation to the school’s lunch account by the local nonprofit organization.

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