The Story that Started It

On February 4th, KRPC in Houston interview and ran a story with Kenny Thompson, a long time mentor and tutor. The story has been getting national attention and we hope to use the publicity to drive more attention to the needs of children that for whatever reason, aren’t getting the nutritious food they need to succeed at school each day.

We hope that Kenny’s actions can galvanize a single act into a national movement, and together we can!

Watch the story below!

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3 thoughts on “The Story that Started It

    • admin


      Yes! Just do what Kenny did, walk into the school you want to help, talk with the Principal and let him know what you want to do. If you need to, go to the district level. If the welcome we have received at the schools in Texas is any indication, they will be overjoyed to see you and and how you want to help the kids. Please keep us posted! We would love to hear about your successes!

  • Mary Blair

    First off ~ Way to go Valley Oaks! My 35 yr old son went from K-6 there!!! And way to go Kenny T for your big heart! We have a similar story with a friend of mine at work who pays taxes and has the electronic prepay lunch program set up for her daughter and unbeknownst to her her acct went negative and her daughter got her tray taken away from her without any explaination other than sorry your acct is negative (or can’t go negative)…well her mother is on a mission…and i’m sure she will reach out to you on this topic…i’m trying to find out now how and what my grandson’s balance is now so he won’t be deprived a lunch tray…ten hours is a long time to go without a hot meal for a 5 year old…Good job Kenny! Keep up your calling…


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