Hopefully you enjoyed your spring break. With spring break over, FTFF was anxious to get back to work. On Monday, March 24, FTFF made a visit to the Spring Branch ISD offices to support the new Lunch Buddy program with it’s own link available on the Spring Branch Education Foundation website. We took care of 3 Elementary Schools–Woodview, Sherwood, and Valley Oaks. We donated $100 each to Woodview and Sherwood Elementary Schools’ Lunch Buddy funds. We donated $350 to Valley Oaks which eliminated a small negative account balance in addition to putting funds in the Lunch Buddy account. What an awesome feeling! Thanks again to Spring Branch for initiating this program and a BIG thanks to the angel donors that helped make this possible.

We continue discussions with other area districts regarding similar programs in the works. Exciting! We will share the news with you very soon. Stay tuned!

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